2023 Skills and Drills Camp 

It is time to get ready for Fall Football and Cheer.   Cape Elite is offering FREE that's right FREE because we want our youth players to be prepared and bring a Championship Home.  This is how kids get better!  Train in the offseason with qualified coaches, certified coaches and plenty of experience.  So give it a try Come on out March 4th 10am -12 pm and be prepared to work on your position for football no matter what it is because we have coaches to teach.  On the Cheer side we offer the same training and qualified coaches that will be teaching our cheerleaders.  Everything from tumbling to stunting. Our camp is open to EVERYONE no matter where you live or even played because we care about youth and just want to prepare them for middle school and high school.  Any questions please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you with any information you need.